World Radio Day

Recognized annually on February 13th,  World Radio Day acknowledges the powerful role radio has on the globe throughout the past century. The holiday was declared by UNESCO in 2011 and celebrates the attributes of radio as a low cost medium to inform, connect and reach billions of people around the world.

While radio has been alive for over a century, it has made remarkable advances with time, creating the widest audience reach, better sound quality, diverse content, and even becoming accessible outside of the home and car.

To celebrate World Radio Day, we’re highlighting some radio facts throughout its 100+ years of existence!

  • 44,000: Number of radio stations world-wide
  • 94%: Percent of adults that listen to radio weekly
  • Hear Favorite Songs: Number 1 reason why people listen to the radio
  • Radio and Sports: Theme for 2018 World Radio Day, with a focus on gender equality, and diversity in sports coverage.
  • Football: The first sport to be broadcasted on the radio. In 1912, University of Minnesota home games were broadcasted to a small audience. Sports broadcasts were limited until 1921 due to war regulations.
  • KDKA in Pittsburgh:  The first commercial radio station in the world, launched in 1920 and still exists today.
  • 706: Number of Titanic survivors which were saved due to the capabilities of radio communication
  • “You’ve Lost That Love Feeling” – Righteous Brothers: Number 1 song played on the radio in the 20th century

UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres spoke on behalf of World Radio Day:

“Radio reaches the widest audience in the world! In an era of dramatic advances in communications, radio retains its power to entertain, educate, inform and inspire. It can unite and empower communities and give voice to the marginalized.”

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