World Music Day

Welcome to June 21st.  Welcome to  World Music Day! Music is a powerful outlet and is present in our everyday lives.  We put it on in the car, in shower, when we need to wind down, or get pumped up. There's guaranteed a perfect song or playlist for any given situation. Today, there are dozens of vehicles that allow us to consume music - new and old - in a number of different ways. No longer are we limited to purchasing an entire album and only listening to music in the car, but rather, we can access a library of music at our fingertips from our smartphone through apps like NextRadio! 

music infographic

To celebrate World Music Day, we’re highlighting some music fun facts throughout its decades! 

  • 1,254 : Number of music genres around the world. 
  • 43.5%: Percent of music listeners that are listening via their smartphone.
  • 32.1 : Average number of hours Americans listen to music per week.
  • 3.4: Average number of devices people use to engage with music weekly.
  • 49%: Average number of people who turn to radio to discover new music. 
  • It's A Small World: The most played song in the world with over 50 million plays. 
  • Hip Hop: The most popular music genre of 2017 accounting for 24.5 percent of music consumption.
  • The Beatles: The best selling music artist of all time according to album sales, selling over 178 million units. 

What better way to celebrate World Music Day than listening to all your favorites new and old! The NextRadio app is your free radio app that lets you listen to your local radio stations live on the go, or you stream thousands of stations across the nation. The ultimate radio library is at your fingertips, and it’s all for free! Happy listening!

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