Top Places to Travel This Summer and What to Listen to While There

 There’s nothing quite like exploring somewhere new. Whether you’re going to the beach, mountains, or visiting a big city, traveling the world is something that almost everyone seems to enjoy!

Each year, US News announces the top travel destinations for the summer. In honor of National Tourism Day and the recent release of this year’s list, we’re highlighting some of the top destinations that were chosen!

In addition, we added some of the top listened to radio stations in the NextRadio app for each destination! Don’t worry, you can still stream your hometown stations as well. But we have here some local favorites, so maybe you’ll love them just as much too.

1. Boston

A city rooted with American history, Boston was chosen as the top destination to travel in the US this summer. Walking the streets of Boston you will have wide assortment of museums to choose from, you can buy some tickets to a ball game, and even take a ferry ride to visit the Boston Harbor Islands. Check out more on what to do in Boston.

Boston’s most listened to stations in the NextRadio app:

WBZ 98.5 – Sports Radio - Listen here

WEEI 93.7 – Sports Radio - Listen here

WBQT 96.9 – Hip Hop Radio - Listen here

2. Seaside, Oregon

This small city located on the coast of Oregon about 80 miles from Portland will not disappoint. Spend some time at the beach with spectacular views, watch one of the largest beach volleyball tournaments in the country, or excite your taste buds with a range of restaurants serving fresh seafood and local beer. Check out more on what to do in Seaside.

Seaside’s most listened to station in the NextRadio app:

KCRX 102.3 Classic Rock Radio - Listen here

3. Steamboat Springs, CO

Commonly known as a popular skiing destination, a trip to Steamboat can be just as exciting in the summer, especially if you like the outdoors. Choose from hiking up mountains, biking trails, water rafting adventures, and kayaking or canoeing. Check out more on what to do in Steamboat Springs.

Steamboat Springs most listened to stations in the NextRadio app:

KLBV 89.3 - Adult Hits Radio - Listen here

KEZZ 94.1 - Top Hits Radio - Listen here

4. Nashville, Tennessee

If you like barbecue, live music, and warm weather, then Nashville is your go-to place. Most restaurants have roof top patios so you can eat and drink with a view, and be sure to take a trip to Broadway to hear live country music at almost every bar and experience one of the best nightlife’s in country. Check out more on what to do in Nashville.

Nashville’s most listened to stations in the NextRadio app:

WBUZ 102.9 - Rock Radio - Listen here

WGFX 104.5 - Sports Radio - Listen here  

WWTN 99.7 - News / Info / Talk Radio - Listen here

5. Portland

Imagine an outdoorsy culture combined with a thriving city, and you’ve got Portland! Spend your days in the mountains, hiking to beautiful views, and then wind down and hit the town at night for a good meal, some shopping and test a couple of local beers. Check out more on what to do in Portland.

Portland’s most listened to stations in the NextRadio app:

KXL 101.1 – News / Info / Talk Radio - Listen here

KGON 92.3 – Classic Rock Radio - Listen here  

KOPB 91.5 - News / Info / Talk Radio - Listen here

Download NextRadio and take your favorite stations with you on all your adventures, or discover a new local favorite. Enjoy!

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