The Free Music App Spotify Doesn't Want You to Know About

Music is such an important part of our world. It’s practically a second language. Music is used to express emotions, share feelings and even change moods. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay for it.

The NextRadio App provides free FM radio streaming on both Android and Apple phones. Our Live Guide technology shows you what song is playing on your radio stations in real time! Oh, and did we mention we have more radio stations on our app than any other radio app?

The NextRadio app is great for local radio station listening, and it also enables you to discover new stations from different parts of the country. Find a new station you love and you don’t want to forget it? Easy! Just add it to your favorites by clicking the “heart” icon on the screen.

NextRadio has so many great features but we think the best thing about it is that we’re constantly working to get the FM chip activated in all smartphones so every cell phone owner has access to streaming-free FM radio. Not only does listening to music through the FM chip save battery and data, it also comes in handy when cell towers fail during weather emergencies.

Currently, the FM chip is turned on in most new Android phones. Our number one goal is to unlock the FM chip in all smartphones, and we don’t stop until we do it.

Can Spotify say that they’re doing that? We didn’t think so.

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