Today we’re rolling out our new in-app feature to enhance your NextRadio experience and help bring your music to life!

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Through a combination of man + machine, we found a way to give you curated music content that matters to you - all in one place.

Missed out on the latest album your favorite artist just dropped? You won't miss a thing with Newsfeed.  This feature keeps you up to date on album releases from your favorite artists and so much more! 

Features of the Newsfeed Include:

  • Album releases from your favorite artists
  • Upcoming concerts in your area
  • Tweets from stations you love
  • Hot Songs
  • Song and artist trivia that interests you
  • Emergency Alerts in your area


Introducing a new way to connect all based on your listening likes and habits! You’ll get even more from all your favorite stations, without any of the effort that goes into surfing the interwebs.

Newsfeed creates a more robust radio listening experience and is easily accessible inside the navigational drawer of the app.

So let the guilt-free music marathon begin! Whether you’re online shopping, walking the dog, or perfecting your downward dog, immerse yourself in all that the FREE NextRadio app has to offer!

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