Radio Wins Gold

Radio won gold at the 1924 Paris Games, marking a milestone in the sports broadcasting industry. For the first time in history, you did not have to attend The Games in order to receive live scores and updates, but rather, could simply listen over the radio.

While it was common for journalists to attend the events, information was inaccessible to the general public until morning newspapers and articles were published. A radio broadcast of the world-wide sporting event gave instantaneous results to society, and soon began to develop into a norm.

At the time, event coverage was limited and the broadcast had a narrow reach, but by the 1936 Berlin Games, the event was covered live in 28 languages with over 2,500 broadcasters. Radio had become a popular mean of disseminating the latest sports news to the community in a lively and animated fashion. By 1948, the Games radio coverage aired world wide.   

“Radio gave prominence to the imagination of the listener and, despite the advent of television and the attraction of its images, lives on today” – The Olympic Museum

With the upcoming 2018 Winter Games, it is vital to recognize the valuable role radio played in distributing the latest sports updates. Still today, the public heavily relies on radio as a free outlet to access live sports coverage, updates and news.

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