Travel With NextRadio This Spring Break

It’s that time. Spring break has arrived and whether you’re chasing sunshine, or just making the most of the downtime, we have just what you need to keep you busy all week long.

Take your NextRadio app with you wherever you go. You can still access your favorite hometown stations even when you’re traveling across the country. Or, you may even decide to try out a new local station in the city you’re visiting! Remember, if you have an FM enabled deviceNextRadio uses considerably less battery and data than other streaming apps, so you can listen to local  tunes all week long.

We have the best 10 places to use your NextRadio app this spring break. Check them out.

Road Tripping

Keep up with your hometown station or follow along with new local ones.

At the Beach

Listen to your favorite country hits - perfect for relaxing or hanging with friends by the ocean while enjoying some sunshine.


Put on some background music to accompany you on your uphill adventures.

On the Slopes

Shred to your favorite songs to keep up your energy all day long.


Whether you’re staying in a tent or a cabin, late nights by the fire will be even more peaceful with your favorite songs.

Headed to the Big City

Put on your favorite Top 40, Hip Hop or EDM stations to get you ready for a fun night out in Vegas, Miami, New York, etc.

Spring Cleaning

Relaxing at home? Turn on NextRadio while you’re doing some much needed spring cleaning around the house.

Pool Party

Gather up your friends, turn up the music and have yourselves a day!


Turn on your NextRadio app while you’re outside enjoying the fresh air and doing some yard work.

Exercising Outdoors

As always, turn on your favorite hits to give you that extra boost you need while working out!

NextRadio will be your best friend this spring break! With thousands of stations, you can find just what you want for any mood and activity! Have fun and stay safe this spring break.

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