National DJ Day

Saturday, January 20th is National DJ Day – an entire day dedicated to all those local radio show hosts who make the commutes to work, mid-day slumps, dreaded workouts or stuck in traffic afternoons, a bit more tolerable!
The local feel of radio gives it a key advantage over other music outlets! Specifically, local DJs, hosts and shows are one of the top reasons why people choose radio. According to Jacob’s Media Tech Survey, about 56% of individuals credit their favorite DJs as their main reason to listen to radio! We thought we’d share some highlights and radio facts to showcase why listening to your local DJ is a listening experience unlike any other!
The DJ-Listener Relationship
Radio offers more than just music; news, topic discussions and updates are distributed from a live and local source on the other end. This is a unique attribute, allowing listeners to personally relate with their local host. A national study conducted by Clear Channel Media and Entertainment found just that: about 60% of listeners described their local DJs “like a friend.” Likewise, 7 in 10 participants were loyal listeners to their favorite DJs, describing them as “relatable” and “authentic.” Looking for a song? That's easy to find! Looking for a friend? Now that’s something you can’t buy! And with NextRadio, you don’t need to, it’s free! Take your favorite DJs anywhere at any time. Have a couple of go-to stations? Favorite them in the app to tune in even quicker.
Consistent yet Different
The study found 6 in 10 American listeners have a favorite DJ they follow each day. Can you relate? Think of your favorite DJ, chances are you know when to catch them live, and can return daily or weekly and find comfort in knowing who you’ll be listening to. But, your local DJ doesn’t just play the same playlist time and time again. They constantly expose us to new music, remind us of the classics, and always have a new subject matter to discuss. This adds a spice of surprise. With NextRadio you have the ability to view a list of previously played songs, making it easier to track down that song you liked, but didn’t catch the name of.
The Ability to Interact
Local DJs always want to hear from YOU! Whether that’s calling in to request a song you can’t get out of your head, or giving you a chance to win those out-of-budget concert tickets, DJs give you an opportunity to participate. The study showed many people take advantage of this feature; 8 of 10 participants said they have called in, met in person or interacted with their favorite DJ and/or station at some point.

 NextRadio creates a highly interactive radio experience allowing you to like or dislike the current song playing, quickly enter a station contest, share what you're listening to on your social media and much more!


What better way to celebrate National DJ Day than tuning in to your favorite show! Not in the car? Doesn’t matter! Download the NextRadio App today to listen at work, at home, or anywhere you are. No longer will you have to miss a minute of your favorite show.

Happy listening!

The NextRadio Team

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