Music For Every Mood

Music is a powerful outlet. It has the ability to stabilize, enhance, and even change the state of your current mood. Much examination has been conducted about the effects of music on individuals with research from University of Missouri concluding, “Our work provides support for what many people already do – listen to music to improve their moods.” We took it a step further and researched the effects of music genres on your current mood! 

We put together a guide that will match the perfect music genre with your current mood! Whether you're feeling energized, relaxed or stressed out, we've got you covered with the NextRadio app! Listen to your favorite local stations, or follow some of the most popular across the nation, to get the best music for your mood. Check it out!

When You’re Feeling All Things Love: Country

Listening to country is often associated with the summer season. While it’s much more common to turn on your favorite country hits at the beach, with the windows down, or the sunshine out, the messages country speaks can be powerful year-round.  Relatable  thoughts and feelings regarding love are embedded into country music culture. Whether that’s heartbreak, infatuation, or being single, there’s a country song you’re guaranteed to relate to.

When You’re Feeling Angry: Rock

Surprisingly, listening to aggressive music when you’re angry and anxious will actually have a reverse effect on your mood, rather than heighten it.  While genres such as rock and punk can sound a bit intense, listening to music that's in line with one’s current mood will help reduce the feelings of anger and will release tension while listening. Rock music may soon become your own personal punching bag!

When You Need a Mood Boost or Workout Motivation: Pop & Top 40

Research shows that listening to pop music will actually improve your endurance and enhance your performance while working out! So whether you need some motivation to get yourself to the gym or a boost to keep you going mid workout, listen to the latest hits to keep you going! The upbeat tempos of pop music will also help improve your mood and happiness.

When You Need to Relax: Jazz & Blues

Despite the genre’s name, Blue’s music won’t leave you feeling down, but rather relaxed and tranquil; Jazz and Blues are noted to have many positive benefits on both your mind and body. If you’re feeling stressed out, or have a lot going on, turn on those instrumental, upbeat melodies to improve your mental and physical state. It can not only relax your mind, but even lower heart rate, blood pressure and relieve a migraine.

When You Need a Personal Therapy Session: Hip Hop

This may surprise you, but the term “hip-hop therapy” is a rather common term floating through society. Studies have shown that people with low self-esteem or feeling depressed benefit from the lyrics and visual imagery of rap and hip hop music. Many story lines orient around the idea of life improvement and making something out of nothing. So if you’re feeling down – it happens to us all – then try out some Hip Hop music to relieve your fears and improve your mood.    

When You Have the Winter Blues: R&B

Are you becoming far too familiar with rosy cheeks, extra layers and dismal weather? Don't fret, spring is on its way! Until then, turn on your favorite R&B  station to wind down and relax. It's perfect for morning commutes, or bundling up by the fire late at night.  A little dose of music can make the best medicine. 

Because of music’s ability to elicit emotion, the demand to access it anytime and anywhere, is increasing.  Sometimes, you can’t always afford to pay monthly subscriptions for an infinite music library but with NextRadio, you don’t need to. This free mobile radio app features thousands of FM stations across the country. Enjoy!

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