Tune In and Tune Out - The Power of Music and Running

Hi everyone! I am Katherine,  NextRadio's Marketing Intern for the spring semester and through the summer. I'm an Hoosier native and  would consider myself an avid fan of all things sweet (especially ice cream!), traveling, all types of music, and most of all...running! Yes, my friends do call me crazy.

Sometimes, tuning in and tuning out is the best therapy. For me, there’s nothing quite like putting in my headphones and setting out for run. It’s my personal time to think, relax, and mentally grow stronger…breaking a sweat and the physical effects are an added bonus! While running can be such a mundane task, the right music always seems to keeps me going. I have a wide range of music interests, but my running playlists are typically filled with pop/top 40 styles. Research shows that listening to pop music will actually improve your endurance and enhance your performance while working out. Bonus!


On May 5th, I participated in the 500Festival Mini Marathon in Indianapolis. The event kick-starts the 500Festival celebrations as runners race through downtown Indy, around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and finish down victory lane. While the full 13.1 miles isn’t what I’d call a “fun” experience, the feeling of accomplishment  when you cross the line makes it all worth it, and I wouldn't have been able to finish without my go to tunes.

With my NextRadio app, I was able to listen to my favorite local stations (99.5 WZPL and 97.1 Hank FM)  and could rely on them to power me through the race. It was convenient since I could pick a station and run to a never ending playlist to a genre of my liking. This way I could jam to  my favorites which had me cruising all the way to the finish line!

Spring Season is Running Season. We have here a list of Runners World’s Top American Races (That Aren’t Marathons!) that are coming up this spring and summer. Don’t forget to pack your headphones and bring along NextRadio to make you race a little faster!


Whether you’re wanting to start a new training regime, or just want to go out for a run, remember to grab your headphones and download the NextRadio app. You can choose from thousands of radio stations that will keep you running all day long! The right music makes ALL the difference, you’d be surprised. 

- Katherine 

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