Have you ever been in a phone “Dead Zone” where you can’t connect to WiFi and your 4G just isn’t working? No one likes when this happens, especially when your favorite team is on and you won’t be able to watch them play. Missing the big game can be extremely frustrating, but now you don’t have to! With the FM radio chip turned on and the NextRadio app installed, check our supported devices page; you can still hear that game, play by play on your local sports stations!

What’s even cooler? NextRadio app uses the FM chip installed in your smartphone which means it uses traditional radio waves to bring you a live play by play. No more getting frustrated when you’re in a “Dead Zone." You can listen to basketball, baseball, hockey and so much more with NextRadio app! At home or on the go, you can listen no matter where you are. ESPN, CBS and NBC sports, along with all of your favorite local sports radio stations, right at your fingertips.

What about when you want to listen to sports radio, but aren’t sure what stations they broadcast to? If only you could see what's playing on your local stations…

Oh wait, you can! With NextRadio LiveGuide, you can see what your local stations are playing right now! How cool is that?! You can listen to the pregame predictions and post-game evaluations. NextRadio saves you more battery on your phone than streaming apps, so you can listen to sports radio longer!

NextRadio app gives you the ability to save your favorite stations. You can also like, dislike or even share what you're listening to on social media. That's not all, NextRadio gives you the options to connect with radio stations by calling in or texting the FM shows you like, with just one click!

Download the app now and listen to your local sports radio station today!