The excitement has been building up for the 89th Academy Awards! Seeing iconic actors and actresses shine is what U.S. viewers will be watching for on Sunday night! From their outfits to their award speeches, glamour, prestige, and elegance are clearly shown at the Academy Awards. However, the Academy Awards was originally not aired on T.V., but on the radio! Since we’re radio enthusiasts we decided to dig a little deeper to find out the connection between the Academy Awards and radio.

The first Academy Awards was announced through the newspaper in May 1929. Due to the buzz the award show caused, they decided to partially cover it in a live radio broadcast the following year. During its early stages, the Academy Awards became an anticipated event that people were eager to listen to. On November 17, 1932, the day before the Academy Awards ceremony, radio station, KECA, aired a thirty-minute program called “Hollywood on the Air”.

While only having some parts of the Academy Awards being broadcasted on the radio for quite some time, finally a full Academy Awards show was broadcasted in 1945! The full show was aired to the radio audience on 250 stations from coast-to-coast. The last time the Academy Awards had a broadcast solely for radio was on 1968. By then, the Academy Awards was already accessible to be watched on T.V. since 1953 and color T.V. by 1966.

The Academy Award’s has had a rich history with radio. At one point it was the most popular form to tune to the Academy Awards! Now, radio plays a different role in the Academy Awards. Most of us listen to our favorite DJs the morning after the Academy Awards to hear what they thought about the attendees’ dresses, speeches and anything major that took place during the ceremony.

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