Prepare for Hurricane Awareness

Welcome to National Hurricane Preparedness Week. The focus is to advise the public  to make a plan in advance of a tropical storm or hurricane emergency. These storms can cause extreme damage and  leave your home without power or cell service for an extended period. Having a safety plan arranged will make the hazardous process a bit more manageable. 

The National Weather Service provides a number of tips and recommendations that everyone should consider throughout Hurricane Preparedness Week. These actions include determining your risk, developing an evacuation plan if needed, checking in with your insurance, and assembling disaster supplies such as food, water and a radio! 

This is when NextRadio  can help you during these time of crisis. Last year, when Hurricane Harvey hit in Texas, local NextRadio listening sky rocketed up throughout the state. In Corpus Christi, which was directly affected, NextRadio listening rose 186% compared to an average Friday. People were utilizing NextRadio as a safety and communication tool to receive weather updates and important information. 

When the storm hit, Oscar Rodriguez, President of the Texas Association of Broadcasters, led an effort to remind people with Android phones to download the NextRadio app. He encouraged all radio stations to mention listening via the app, citing benefits of the FM chip in preserving battery life and data packages.

Learn more about some of the additional safety features we bring.  

NextRadio Was Developed With Emergency Radio Broadcast Availability

If your current emergency plan relies on electricity or cell signal dependent, you may need an additional option. If your Android device has an activated FM Chip, then you're able to listen to important emergency alerts from local FM radio via your smartphone. During emergency situations, NextRadio uses less data and battery life compared to streaming apps. Most importantly, since NextRadio doesn't rely on data during emergency situations you can use the app if landlines, Wi-Fi or cell service is down. Be sure to grab a pair of headphones; they act as your built-in FM receiver's antenna, therefore you must plug them in for FM reception. 

NextRadio Will Help Keep You Informed During Weather Emergencies

A NextRadio feature that we're proud of is our ability to provide ALERT FM messages to NextRadio users during man-made or natural disasters.

Please read through the steps below to ensure that you have NextRadio emergency alerts set up correctly for zip codes important to you.


Step 1: Go to your NextRadio App settings and click Emergency Alerts

Step 2: Toggle on Emergency Alerts

Step 3: Enter zip codes for locations you want to be alerted about

Step 4: Exit the settings 


Don’t get caught unprepared. Download the app before an emergency strikes. Tell your family and friends about the safety features of NextRadio to keep your loved ones prepared as well. Stay safe!

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