History of Hip-Hop: 70s & 80s

Hip-Hop, A.K.A. Rap, has gotten hugely popular within the last couple of decades. Some of the top Billboard 100 hits are Hip-Hop songs and we wanted to dig deep and see how this popular genre came to be. 

As a music genre and a culture, Hip-Hop really started to come about during the 1970s when block parties started to increase popularity, especially in the New York Bronx.

Combining rhythmic music and rapping, this became a completely unique style from the rest of the music industry.

Known as the “Father of Hip-Hop” DJ Kool Herc, played the hard funk records of James Brown. Herc started by isolating the instrumental part of the record to emphasize the drum beat and shift from one “break” to another.

DJ Kool Herc is staying up to date with social media, so you can follow him on either Twitter or Instagram.

The Funky Four Plus One was the first Hip-Hop group to receive a record deal AND the first to perform live on national TV!

The 1970s may be where Hip-Hop started, but the 1980s is when it really started to take off and become the genre it is today! Flash forward to 1983, Ice T’s singles Body Rock and Killers help pioneer Gangsta Rap. 1 year after those singles in 1984, Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin launch Def Jam Recordings.

In 1985, the first Hip-Hop video to air on MTV was Run DMC’s King of Rock. In 1988 MTV launched Yo! MTV Raps which was completely dedicated to Hip-Hop. That same year, N.W.A. magnifies gangsta rap with the album Straight Outta Compton. By the end of the 1980s, rap received its own Grammy category.

Hip-Hop has come a long way and has changed a lot over the years to make it what it is today. You can get all of the latest hits and more from your local Hip-Hop stations when you tune in with NextRadio. Download today!


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