Wave Goodbye to Winter Blues

As the peak of the winter season hits, we’re all becoming far too familiar with rosy cheeks, extra layers and dismal weather. In the midst of the cold, we regularly search for something to brighten our day and sometimes, a little dose of music can make the best medicine.  A vast number of studies show the positive impact music has not only on a psychological level, such as boosting your mood, increasing productivity, and reducing stress but also on a physical level, with the ability to improve immune functioning, intensify exercise and decrease physical pains.

With the benefits of music on our overall health, it’d be great to take it with you to listen anytime, anywhere. For that reason, we came up with a few ways to incorporate NextRadio into your winter lifestyle, giving you a chance to wave those winter blues goodbye!

A Night In

Below freezing temperatures sometimes call for an excuse to stay home and enjoy a glass of hot chocolate by the fireside. Add some background music and you have yourself a night. Jazz, blues, classic rock, etc., NextRadio offers thousands of stations that will fit whatever mood you’re looking for. Or want to hear the nightly local news report? NextRadio can help with that too!

Getting Fresh Air

There’s nothing quite like the picturesque sight of the outdoors after a snowfall. Access your favorite stations in NextRadio for when you need an extra boost during an outdoor run, or some soothing tracks to complement your walk through the snow.

Hitting the Slopes

Taking a day or even weekend trip to the mountains? Don’t forget to take NextRadio along for the ride! We found you a playlist that will never run out, perfect for a long day of skiing and snowboarding. Also, if you have an activiated FM Chip, NextRadio uses considerably less data than other streaming apps, allowing you to save power and listen on the slopes all day long!

Following Sports

No longer will you have to miss a minute of your favorite sports teams, making it easier than ever to follow in live time. Great for following local sports and even better if you want to listen to all your favorite sportst talk across the country. 

Winter Weather Alerts

During the winter, safety precautions are always necessary in order to best prepare for inclement weather ahead. If your device has an activated FM Chip, then can listen to important emergency alerts from local FM radio via the NextRadio app, even if landlines, Wi-Fi or cell service is down. 

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