We wanted to do something nice for our fans so we created the $10,000 Extreme Cash Contest, which ran from October-December 2016. Participants received a contest entry when they first downloaded the NextRadio app and additional entries each day they came back and listened in the app.

Duane R. from Warren, MI ended up being the lucky winner of the $10,000 prize! Duane kindly agreed to let the NextRadio team interview him about his experience with the app and told us what he plans to do with the money.

Duane first heard about the NextRadio app years ago through an advertisement, but his phone was not supported at the time. Fortunately, his next phone was. He heard about the $10,000 Extreme Cash Contest through an email we sent out. He only entered the contest once, and check this out, he found out he was the winner ON his birthday! Talk about a nice birthday present.

We asked him what he plans to do with the money and he said he will “Pay off Christmas deals and do a little work around the house.” We are happy to hear the $10,000 will be put to good use.

Duane uses the app almost every day and his favorite station to listen to is the sports station, 97.1 The Ticket. We got talking about the Super Bowl and he said “I’d like to see Atlanta win”, but he is really a Detroit Lions fan (GO LIONS!!).

We asked Duane what he liked best about the NextRadio app and he chose not one, but two features:

  1. The quality of the broadcast
  2. The app doesn't drain your battery 

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