Hello radio lovers! Are you in the Christmas spirit? Maybe you’re already enjoying the season or maybe you’re someone that needs a little push in the right direction. With just a small dose of Christmas music, you can expect your cheeks to turn rosy and your heart to fill with holiday cheer.

Stations all over the U.S. are playing all the best Christmas music, from “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” to Mariah Carey’s famous, “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” All you have to do is find your local station with that 24/7 Christmas playlist and tune in with NextRadio® for free.

What’s your local holiday station?

To find your holiday music station just download NextRadio and scroll through the Live Guide to see what’s playing on-air in REAL TIME. No more guessing and blindly flipping through stations. 



Top 10 Cities Getting into the Christmas Spirit

New York

WLTW 106.7 FM

WALK 97.5 FM

WMGQ 98.3 FM

WAWZ 99.1 FM


WBEB 101.1 FM

WOGL 98.1 FM

WAWZ 99.1 FM

WJBR 99.5 FM

San Francisco

KOIT 96.5 FM

KBAY 94.5 FM

KMHX 104.9 FM



WSRS 96.1 FM

WWLI 105.1 FM

WMJX 106.7 FM


Los Angeles

KOST 103.5 FM 

KKGO 105.1 FM



Dallas-Ft. Worth

KDGE 102.1 FM 

KLUV 98.7 FM




KSBJ 89.3

KODA 99.1 FM




WASH 97.1 FM

WLIF 101.9 FM




WLIT 93.9 FM 





WFSH 104.7





Did your station just play your favorite Christmas song? We all have our holiday favorites we look forward to hearing every year. For most, these songs bring up memories of past Christmases, childhood, and other special moments. With NextRadio, you can purchase that song you love and keep it in your music library for years to come. 

Tune in with NextRadio and find your local station spreading holiday cheer. Similarly to Mariah Carey, all they want for Christmas is you...to tune in.


Happy holidays from all of us at NextRadio!