Time to Celebrate the Spring Season 

Today’s not just any typical Tuesday. Finally, after three months of frigidly cold temperatures, winter has officially moved out, and spring is moving in.  

How can you not love the spring time? The sunshine starts emerging from hibernation, flowers are in full bloom, the world is painted with color, days are longer and you no longer need multiple layers to brave the cold.

With the start of spring, we came up with some ideas on how to make the most of this warmer weather right away!

Go Outside 

Now that the warmer temperatures are creeping in, you no longer have an excuse to stay inside! Give your yard a spring makeover and listen to your favorite stations in NextRadio while mowing the lawn, planting flowers, or mulching! Or grab the headphones and hit the trails. A walk or run outside will not only be a refreshing setting, but your favorite hits will give you that extra boost to keep you going.

Cook Fresh 

Spring means a new season of fresh foods.  Put on your favorite station in the NextRadio app, open up the windows and make a favorite recipe or try a new one! You can even crank on the grill and cook outside. Or take your meal and music on the go and have a picnic!

Spring Cleaning 

Although cleaning isn’t always the most enjoyable task, there’s something about spring cleaning that makes it both essential yet refreshing. Whether you’re clearing out your closet or holding a garage sale, put on your favorite hits to keep you entertained.

Mood Boost

The warm weather and sunshine are known to improve your mood. Spring is the ultimate recovery to the winter blues. Put on your favorite station for that extra boost. And even check out what genre of music you should listen to depending on your current mood.

Sports Season 

Whether you enjoy playing, watching or listening to sports, now’s the perfect time! Grab your golf clubs, turn on the tunes and hit the course, or turn on your local sports to listen to live coverage of your local baseball team with your NextRadio app!

Download NextRadio and make it your best friend this spring! Enjoy the beautiful weather and happy listening!

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