Be Prepared for Winter Weather Emergencies

2018 has flown in like a snowy cyclone, literally for many residents in the Northeast part of the country. There are several lifesaving things that you can do right now to ensure that when the weather takes a turn for the worse, you're prepared.
According to the American Red Cross, there are a few key things that you can do to prepare:

1. Talk with your family about an emergency plan

2. Have your vehicle winterized

3. Protect your animals by bringing them indoors or ensuring they have a place to stay away from the cold

4. Prepare your home by protecting your pipes from freezing and having an emergency kit

5. Listen to your local radio for the latest weather emergency updates

The NextRadio app is here to help you. If your Android device has an activated FM Chip, then you're able to listen to important emergency alerts from local FM radio via your smartphone. NextRadio uses considerably less data and battery life compared to streaming apps. Most importantly, you can use the NextRadio app if landlines, Wi-Fi or cell sevice is down. 

Stay warm, safe and be prepared for this winter season.  

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