5 Ways To Save Battery On Your Android Device

Smartphones have become the world’s best friend within the past decade. They’re always on us; whether they’re in use, in our pockets or purses, or even on our wrists. They’ve progressed from a means of communication to a life device, containing our schedules, social media accounts, internet access, and our beloved music libraries. We use our phones for a magnitude of purposes, and in most cases, we can’t go more than a couple hours without them.

Due to the strong reliance on our smartphones, we all know that feeling when our phone hits low battery… a state of minor anxiety and high efficiency, where you make your best efforts to conserve that last bit of power. A dead phone is a realistic nightmare, one that’s avoided when possible.

In honor of National Battery Day, we have some helpful tips to save battery on your Android device for it to last you through the day!

1. Turn Off Google Hotwords

While the idea of having a personal assistant inside your phone seems convenient, this feature is often underused. When Hotwords is turned on, your device constantly awaits for a cue to perform an action and begin its search engine. If you do not use this feature frequently, keep it off to save power.

2. Adjust Settings

There’s some hacks you can make within the settings to conserve your Android’s battery throughout the day. The lower your screen’s brightness, the more battery you will save. Likewise, if you have an AMOLED screen, which most Android phones do, setting a plain black screen saver will reduce battery usage. In addition, you can adjust your screen timeout to a shorter time frame. For example, after 15 seconds of inactivity on your phone, the screen will go to sleep until its next use. 

3. Utilize Battery Optimization

Android phones offer a battery optimization feature, an easy step to conserve power. It’s located in the settings menu under battery, and when the device is inactive, networks will go on standby and data from running apps will be reduced. Once you device is active, this optimization will automatically turn off, so it will not affect the phone’s performance when in use.  

4. Check the Temperature

Ever notice your phone will slow down or even turn off when it gets too hot or cold? While cold temperatures resist electricity, warm temperatures wear out the battery, depleting its overall battery life. The optimal condition for your phone is room temperature! So if you’re out in the cold or heat, keep it either in your pocket or purse to ensure the outdoor temp won’t affect your battery.

5. Listen to Music with NextRadio

Whether you’re working out, in the car, at work, or on the go our smartphone has become our main access point to listen to music. Streaming services drain your battery noticeably, which if wanting to listen for an extended period of time, you truly can’t afford. NextRadio app is a free interactive mobile app which uses the FM chip in your phone to access local radio stations. If your Android device has the FM enable, NextRadio uses considerably less battery and data than streaming apps. Check if your phone has the FM chip supported and download the app to start listening!

Give these tips a try to reduce the stress of temporarily losing your life line and watch your Android live throughout the day!

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