2018 Song of Summer

It’s officially sweet sweet, summertime and we’re ready for blue skies, pool days, and ice cream treats. As temperatures are rising, so is the competition for the ultimate Song of the Summer. Which song will be your go-to summer anthem this season? Whether you’re lounging by the pool, getting ready for a night out with friends, or cruising with your windows down, this song will always be the perfect fit for all of your summer plans.

But, what does it take to become the song of the summer? While there’s no secret code to crack, typically these features can help! 

  • Versatile: You can play this song anywhere and for anyone. Play it in the car, on the beach, at a wedding or even in bar and it’s guaranteed to be a hit for every one (of all ages!) listening.
  • Addictive: It has to be so catchy that you’ll want to hear it on repeat until you can master the lyrics in your sleep.
  • Upbeat: There’s no room for any tears during summer time. The Song of the Summer has to be a mood booster, a sing a long, and everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure.

Take a look at some of this year’s Song of Summer contenders and NextRadio’s prediction below! Our picks are based on what songs have been playing on the radio most and which one fans are tuning in to listen to. 

"Never Be The Same" - Camila Cabello



"Whatever It Takes" - Imagine Dragons



"God's Plan" - Drake



"Nice For What" - Drake



"Wait" - Maroon 5



So what's our prediction? Based on what's playing on the radio, we're saying Never Be The Same will walk away with the 2018 Song of the Summer title.

Do you agree? Send your local radio stations (and us!) your opinion by liking or disliking songs and sharing your favorites on social media, directly from the NextRadio app. Give your summer favorites a thumbs up in the app to let your DJs know which songs you'd love to hear more of!

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